This Week in Career Advice: You Think Your Boss is Bad? Check Out These Horrible Bosses

December 23, 2017 | By More

Let’s end the year on a high… or rather, low note.

Ask A Manager, a career advice website penned by Alison Green, allows readers to submit their burning workplace questions. Her website has been known to receive some questionable letters from clueless advice-seekers, and those struggling with truly shocking workplace misbehavior. In all, it’s no surprise that when conducting a terrible-boss-of-the-year poll, Ask A Manager has no shortage of horrible bosses to choose from.

Here’s a small sampling of the terrible bosses encountered throughout the year on Ask A Manager that’ll make you realize your boss isn’t that bad after all.




Check out the full list of horrible bosses, including the original letters and updates (all worth reading) here.  


The Worst Boss Of 2017 Is… | Ask A Manager



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