This Week In Career Advice: Are You Promotable?

September 15, 2017 | By More

In a recent Forbes Career post, a reader asks Liz Ryan for advice on whether he should apply for an internal position despite his few limitations. In response, Liz outlined certain traits that make a candidate promotable. Among them, she lists:

  • Knowing your current job inside-out – you should be an expert at your own position to showcase your dedication to your role.
  • Being known as a responsible and reliable employee – while this is certainly something that doesn’t happen overnight, take steps every day to showcase to your team and manager that you’re a trustworthy employee.
  • Being known for your good judgment – be prudent, practical and shrewd.


On the other hand, signs that you’re not promotable include:


  • Occupying yourself with office politics and gossip
  • Never doing more than the bare minimum requirements of the job
  • Struggling to listen to feedback or the opinions of others


Whether you’re looking for a promotion or not, this list is a great reminder on how to comport yourself at work if you desire to get ahead – be it now, or later.

For the full list of promotable traits, visit


Ten Signs You’re Promotable — And Ten Signs You’re Not | Forbes


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