This Week in Career Advice: How Productive Are You? [Test]

August 18, 2017 | By More

Being productive is far more than your ability to get things done – it’s being able to get things done in an effective, time-appropriate way.

In simple business terms, productivity actually means the output you get per input given. To improve productivity in the business sense means to either increase output relative to input or decrease input relative to output. From a personal perspective, productivity often means getting the most done with your time. Put together, productivity measures the quality of accomplishments per resources used (ie time and effort).  

Being productive can often come down to five elements; organization, attitude, delegation, information integration, and an effective use of systems. Learning how to improve in any one area can dramatically improve your overall ability to get things done.

How productive are you? Take the MindTool’s productivity quiz!


How Productive Are You? | MindTools


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