This Week in Career Advice: What Makes a Good Leader Great?

October 27, 2017 | By More

Simon Sinek, the bestselling author of Start With Why, believes that leadership is a skill,  “a learnable, practicable skill.” So if leadership is something anyone can learn, what’s the difference between a good and great leader?

Sinek argues that a good leader is someone who’s learning and practicing the skills of leadership, while a great leader is well practiced and understands the value of prioritizing the needs of his/her people.

“They see themselves as the caregiver of their people. We call them leader, not because they’re in charge, we call them leader because they’re the ones willing to run headfirst into the unknown or into the dangers. They’re willing to risk their own resources to protect and grow their people.“

Whether good or great, leaders are aware of the commitment the role requires.  

“They understand it’s not some rank they’ve achieved, but rather, it’s a skill they need to perfect for the rest of their lives.”

Watch his advice below!



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