This Week in Career Advice: How to Handle Exit Interviews

September 29, 2017 | By More

Learn how to handle your next exit interview with class and integrity while leaving with the best possible impression, with these tips from Glassdoor.

  • Remember the purpose of the exit interview: to help your former employer improve the organization moving forward. It’s important to not treat this meeting as an opportunity to unleashed emotionally.

“Exit interviews typically take place for the employer’s sake, not the employee’s,” explains  Dina Amouzigh, People’s Operations Manager at the online healthcare portal CareDash. “The purpose is to get information and feedback based on the employee’s experience or context for their ultimate decision to separate,” she adds


  • Provide examples of all the good, including the people and experiences that helped you grow professionally. This helps your HR company understand what the company gets right.


  • Be general about all the bad. Specifically, do not use this opportunity to throw someone under the bus. While it’s acceptable to offer the criticism that management could benefit from leadership training, it’s in poor taste to let your company know how terrible your boss actually was.


In all, it’s important to remember to stay cool and calm. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you to avoid looking unprofessional. Read more at Glassdoor

5 Ways to Tackle Your Exit Interview Like A Pro | Glassdoor


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