This Week in Career Advice: 10 New Year’s Resolutions To Try In 2018

January 3, 2018 | By More

Want to hit 2018 out of the park, but don’t know where to start? Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions to add to your list for a better and brighter year!

  1. Learn a new skill, then promptly add that skill to your resume
  2. Prioritize making new contacts and network
  3. If needed, improve your work reputation
  4. Keep your resume up-to-date with projects and accomplishments
  5. Define your career goals over the next five years then create an action plan
  6. Get a promotion by addressing your worth to your boss
  7. Quit your job, and…
  8. Get a new one
  9. Improve your work-life balance
  10. Become a better leader


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