Should I Go Back To The Company That Fired Me?

March 11, 2018 | By More

If you follow Forbes’ Liz Ryan, you’ll know she’s often asked some pretty bewildering career questions — questions only a professional is suited to answer. This week, a reader named Philippe finds himself in a professional pickle: should he return to a company that once fired him? Phillipe asks: “It’s hard to say no, but would I be stupid to go back to the same company that fired me two years ago?”

Liz Ryan opens with a timeless truth: “People show you who they are and when they do, you must believe them.” So should Phillipe take the job? The short answer is NO!

“It is flattering to be courted. It is good for our egos to have people who desperately want to hire us, but going back to work for Barney again would be a terrible move. Barney hired you once. He had his chance to keep you on board, promote you or do whatever he wanted to do.

I can envision a scenario where it could make sense to return to an organization that fired you once before. In that case you would need an employment agreement that spells out every detail of your relationship — essentially making you a consultant to the firm rather than a regular employee. I could envision a scenario like that if the person who wanted to hire you back had heard about your previous termination but had nothing to do with it personally.

That’s not the case here! Barney stood by and watched you get unfairly sacked. He let his new, unproven guy do it. Barney can’t be trusted — that’s the lesson Mother Nature wants you to learn.

We teach people how to treat us. You get to decide at every moment how you need to be treated.”


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Should I Go Back To The Company That Fired Me? | Forbes




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